flowerAt Luna Circle Wellness we provide private acupuncture sessions, consultations, and treatments in our community acupuncture clinic. We also provide community style acupuncture treatments at other locations around town for patient populations that cannot easily make it to the clinic. Because acupuncture has a cumulative effect, that is each treatment builds on the progress made in previous treatments, community acupuncture is often the most convenient way for patients to get the number and frequency of treatments that is ideal for their health. Some patients find that a combination of private treatments and community acupuncture is the best way to nourish their health.

Community acupuncture is acupuncture preformed in a group setting, where several patients relax with needles retained at the same time. Typically, acupuncture needles are retained for 30-60min for one treatment. A group setting allows a doctor to treat several patients an hour, and thus lower the cost per treatment to the patients. In a community acupuncture setting, the doctor selects acupuncture points that are on the arms, legs, ears, and head. Patients remain fully clothed during treatment, but may be asked to roll up their clothing to their elbows and knees to allow for insertion of needles in the limbs.


The primary advantage of community acupuncture is cost. At Luna Circle Wellness we charge $25 per treatment with a $15 paperwork fee the on the very first visit. This is much less than $70-$100 for a private treatment. It is an ideal option for patients whose insurance does not cover acupuncture, or whose co-pay/deductible for acupuncture is too high. Because the cost is lower, patients can receive treatments more frequently and see quicker and more lasting results from their course of treatment.